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Who we are

Who we are

Muruganandam MANDJINY
Managing Director,
International Cooperation & Business

Professional background

  • Degree: MBA and Master of Tourism Administration
  • Worked 3 years at Pondicherry Tourism Dpt
  • Worked 8 years as a project manager and coordinator for NGOs Fondation de France, Ader France, Credit@People on various fields: education, housing, micro-credit, micro-entreprise, human rights, integrated coastal zone management
  • Managing Director of Export-Import company Sarabava Group
  • Consultant of Conseil General Ille et Vilaine (France)

Socio-political Involvement

  • Executive Secretary of Ader India and Community Director of Rotary Club Beach Town Pondicherry:
    • Development of the marginalised population
    • Improvement of the day-to-day life of the local citizens
  • Very active citizen in Pondicherry to bring the change

Hobbies / Interest

  • Travelling, Photography, Space science, Local folk arts

His favourite mantra: we are the government and only us can bring the change

Christelle Gourdine MANDJINY
In charge of "En direct de Pondichéry"

R. Rajkumar
Operation Head

R. Parimala
Office Assistant