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Mission for Fondation de France : follow-up and impact evaluation of Post Tsunami projects in the coastal Districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry

Anne Lescot, from Fondation de France, came in December 2013 to South India in order to review the different projects funded by her organisation after the tsunami which destroyed in 2004 so many villages and families.

The objectives were to make a follow-up, evaluate the success of the projects and to see how Fondation de France could replicate the projects in the same way for any other country affected by natural disaster.

Assisted by Muruganandam Mandjiny, who at the time worked as Information officer for Fondation de France through ADER, she visited different villages between Mahabalipuram and Velankanni and met the NGOs in charge of the projects:

Emmaus International local partner VCDS – Village Community Development Society
Sithadiary local partner PMD – People’s Multipurpose Development Society
Solidarite local partner Bless
Emmaus International local Partner FHF - Florence Home Foundation
Ader local partner ISED – Institute for Social Education and Development
Volontariat Pondicherry
Emmaus International local partner Kundumbam

Here are some pictures illustrating her visits: