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News Archive

New lease of life for Alankuppam tourism project (3rd February 2015)

The Alankuppam rural tourism project seems set to get a new lease of life after the government announced that the project could be completed by the end of the year through a tie-up with the administration of Ille-et-Vilaine in the Brittany region of France. Read more...

India Empire Magazine October 2014 interviewed by Christelle Gourdine-Mandjiny
Tourism here will soon see greater participation of the local fishermen community (28th June 2014)

Developing Chinna Veerampattinam as eco-tourism spot is focus of project.
Rows of coconut groves swaying in the breeze split the two flanks of a backwater... Read more...

Ille-et-Vilaine delegation in Pondicherry (11th April 2014)

Mr. Thierry ROBINE - Expert ICZM, Ille-et-Vilaine, Ms. JOUHIER Marta - In charge of International Relations from Ille-et-Vilaine County Council, Brittany Region of France came to Pondicherry between 3rd and 8th of April 2014... Read more...

Rendezvous with His Excellency Shri. Arun K. Singh, Indian Ambassador to France (14th March 2014)

The objective of the meeting was to explain the cooperation between Rennes and the Government of Pondicherry and to introduce the activities of Zen Development Services ... Read more...

Mission for Fondation de France : follow-up and impact evaluation of Post Tsunami projects in the coastal Districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (December 2013)

Anne Lescot, from Fondation de France, came in December 2013 to South India in order to review the different projects funded by her organisation after the tsunami which destroyed in 2004 so many villages and families. Read more...

Délégation indienne á Rennes (Novembre 2013)

Dans le cadre de la coopération entre le Conseil Général d´Ille-et-Vilaine et l´Union Territory de Pondichéry..... Read more...

Maintenant, l’expertise française pour des projets UT (Oct 12, 2012)

The government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the French county d’llle-et-Vilaine...... - By Express News Service - PUDUCHERRY Read more...

India Empire - June issue with a special focus on Guadeloupe and Zen Consulting India (July,2013)

Christelle Gourdine-Mandjiny, born in France, is from the 4th generation born outside India. Her family left Kolkata and Pondicherry 150 years ago to work as indentured labours in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.
Graduated in Business Management and Corporate Finance, she has been working at the French bank BNP Paribas. After 14 years in the financial world and many trips all over India, she left Paris for Pondicherry and created Zen Development Services Pvt Ltd. In France, she used to work as a volunteer for various organisations to help marginalised population and she is doing the same in India with her husband at NGO ADER India. Read more...

Social development Lecture avant l’expatriation: Indiablognote - Comprendre l’Inde
(Jun 03, 2013)

L’Inde est un pays qui ne se laisse pas comprendre en un regard Geoffroy de Lassus et Olivia Dimont, expatriés à Bombay de 2008 à 2011, ont, durant ces 3 années, raconté leurs expériences, lectures, rencontres afin de faire comprendre l’Inde mais aussi leur vie d’expatriés sur leur blog, Indiablognote.
Leurs 130 000 visiteurs viennent de tous les pays, tous les milieux et âges mais ont en commun un intérêt pour l’Inde, ce pays aussi paradoxal que fascinant.
A leur retour en France, ils ont voulu matérialiser ce blog, en garder une trace bien réelle, pour le plus grand plaisir de leurs fans.
She spoke to India Empire: - By Express News Service - PUDUCHERRY Read more...